Phase 4: Permit Process and City Approvals
Design Build Process

Phase 4 - Permit Process and City Approvals

Phase 4 is focused on expediting the permit process. Each city and municipality varies widely in the requirements for plans and the time frame for processing them. The client can submit their working drawings to the city or county plan checker, or Vanderbilt Family Builders will include the cost of doing so in the initial design/build contract.

It is not uncommon for the city/county plan checker to ask for more details or clarification about the project. If such a request is made, Vanderbilt works with the city or county in preparing the plans to meet their standards for approval, which may require additional work by Vanderbilt or the engineer. Any changes made will be resubmitted for approval as quickly as possible.

The Permit and Approval Phase ends once all the necessary permits have been issued. At the end of this phase, Vanderbilt will give a final bid for construction.

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