Phase 3: Working Drawings
Design Build Process

Phase 3 - Working Drawings

During this phase, Vanderbilt Family Builders creates working drawings for your project. Working drawings are a series plans giving explicit instructions on how to build a house, addition or remodel. They give you every detail for construction from where to put plugs, switches and windows to all the technical specifications and requirements for engineering and compliance with building codes. These drawings are necessary to obtain building permits (see Phase 4).

During this phase, Title 24 energy calculations will be made during an energy analysis. If the plans do not comply, they are changed accordingly and the analysis re-calculated.

In addition, upon completion of Phase 3, Vanderbilt will give a the client a detailed estimate that will include allowances on all finishes, including flooring, appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, cabinets, hardware, and any other special finishes.

The working drawings phase typically lasts about 5 weeks depending upon the size and scope (as well as the city) of the job and, upon completion, Phase 4, Permits and City Approvals will begin.

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