Design Services

Vanderbilt Family Builders is not just a construction company, but also a unique design build contractor. Design Build is a method of project delivery in which the homeowner uses a single company to provide architectural, engineering and construction services. Although we will work with outside architects, we strongly urge our clients to consider the benefits of using our design build services.

Benefits of Using Vanderbilt Family Builders as a Design Build Contractor:
Shorter Project Time

Vanderbilt Family Builders brings together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete individual tasks such as creating construction documents, acquiring permits, and constructing/remodeling the home. We cannot shorten the time each step takes, but we can work on each stage simultaneously, leading to earlier occupancy of your home.

Improved Quality of Work

Vanderbilt’s design build services provide our clients with a single responsible party from project start to finish. Accountability and responsibility for defects or non-performance cannot can not be placed on another party at any time. Therefore, the design build system motivates our team members to become invested in the success of each project knowing that the buck will stop here.

Reduce Costs

As a design build contractor Vanderbilt Family Builders is involved in the project from the start and can easily provide a good faith estimate of construction costs during each design phase. By using our company to provide design build services, clients avoid redundancies in fees, lower administrative costs and eliminate contingencies.

We are Castro Valley’s Community Contractor

Vanderbilt Family Builders has built its reputation by building some of the most beautiful homes in Castro Valley over the past 60 years. Our family knows Castro Valley and knows what it takes to design and build (or remodel) home here – from the building codes that govern our unincorporated city to the challenges of building on a hillside. Vanderbilt Family Builders is Castro Valley’s Community Contractor.

One Responsible Party

Design Build is a turnkey system that is effective in limiting the risk to the client.  As a design build contractor, Vanderbilt Family Builders assumes sole responsibility for budget, schedule and quality of workmanship. Our clients are not required during design and construction to coordinate and/or arbitrate between architects and contractors to resolve conflicts. 

Read more about the specific phases involved in the Design Build Process and meet our lead Designer, Sarah Vanderbilt. 
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