Building Homes in Castro Valley for Generations

Vanderbilt Family Builders has been providing homeowners with high quality workmanship at fair and honest prices for over 40 years. Our reputation has been built on four generations of hard work.

I am Randy Vanderbilt, President / CEO of Vanderbilt Family Builders. My Grandfather, Richard Vanderbilt, and his three brothers came to California from South Holland, Illinois in the early 1940s. The founded Vanderbilt Family Builders and started building homes in Castro Valley to provide housing for those families who elected to stay in California at the end of World War II.  My grandfather had five sons, three of which followed the family tradition of fine carpentry and homebuilding in the area.  My father, Ron Vanderbilt, and two of his brothers, Jack and Larry, have built many homes in Castro Valley, helping convert our formerly rural town into a premier bedroom community where workers live and commute to their jobs in the surrounding areas. My family has left me a legacy that I am proud to carry on.

I was born and raised in Castro Valley and graduated from Castro Valley High School in 1976. I joined the Carpenter’s Union at the age of 20 after attending Chabot College for two years. However, I actually began working in the family business at a much younger age. Growing up I spent many weekends and parts of my summers working for the family business. Needless to say, my work was mostly cleaning up, digging, breaking stucco or concrete or just carrying materials, but I was always learning. While I didn’t appreciate the “education” much at the time, I now realize that these experiences helped build a foundation of knowledge for my future career.

Over the past 15 years, I have been blessed with the support of my father and uncles who continue to work with me in all facets of the business, each contributing by managing jobs, building cabinets or providing invaluable expertise when needed. Having so much experience on hand daily helps ensure that the family name of Vanderbilt will continue to be respected in the community for its integrity and quality of work.

I am tremendously fortunate to have other family members participate in the family business. My sister-in-law, Sara Vanderbilt works for the company as a designer. She has been instrumental in helping Vanderbilt Family Builders go from being a reputable contractor to a unique design build contractor, so that we can provide our clients with custom home designs of unsurpassed quality. In addition, my wife Debbie contributes her vital accounting and computer skills to the company, assisted by my daughter Cheryl.

The company name “Vanderbilt Family Builders” is not just name, but a heritage we are all proud to be part of.

Building homes for your Family,
Randy Vanderbilt

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