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Remodel - Don’t Move, Improve and Make the Old New Again!

Is your home stuck in the 70s or 80s? Does your living room have wood paneling and shag carpets? Or is the tile in your bathrooms pink? Is your home office located in your bedroom or family room? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Vanderbilt Family Builders can help by remodeling your home and improving your home’s value and the desirability of your property.

VFB specializes in transforming homes in Castro Valley and the surrounding areas from ordinary to extraordinary. VFB has designers on staff that will work with you to identify your needs and to design a unique remodeling plan that is within your budget. VFB has experienced tradesmen who can add custom touches to your remodel such as custom carpentry, cabinets, tile, stone and painting. Our workers are always reliable, friendly and strive to be as non-obtrusive as possible when they are working within your home.

If you are thinking about remodeling, consider a few of these recent remodeling trends:

  • Transform an attic into a comfortable bedrooms, play areas or guest suites to gain more living space.
  • Homeowners have chosen to brighten up their kitchens, making the space seem warmer and bigger through lighter colors.
  • Ceiling detail is another way to accent and enlarge space without touching the floor. Barrel ceilings involve half arches and half circles, recessed into the ceiling and extending the length of the kitchen, broadening the high space in a kitchen and drawing the eye to interesting detail.
  • Install skylights and sun tubes to add natural light to dark rooms, stairwells and closet spaces.
  • Convert space in the home into highly functional home office, including custom cabinetry for storage, task lighting and upgraded technology connections.
  • Add a snack or breakfast bar to make kitchens more functional and spacious.
  • Add additional openings and pass-through between the kitchen and living room areas for greater sense of space without ever increasing square footage.

Vanderbilt Family Builders has successfully remodeled, renovated and restored hundreds of homes in Castro Valley and the surrounding areas.

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